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Filming in the New Normal 

Since early 2020 we are all now facing the reality of being in a world with Covid-19.

We have all had to adapt to this new way of working and filming on location has also changed, to make the working environment safe without compromise to your production.

I have been shooting for several overseas clients over the last few months

for the BBC, Discovery, HBO Max and HBO sport as well as for local productions in New Zealand.

I am able to provide a service to Directors and Producers to join the shoot over Zoom or Teams, able to watch a live feed from the cameras as well as being able to monitor audio.

I also provide a fast footage upload service where 100gb of footage can be uploaded in under two hours.


Contactless Filming and videography during covid19



What is Contactless Filming? 


This is a service whereby I can attend a specified location as required. Using my own cameras, lighting and sound equipment, I can direct and shoot a piece to camera without the need for any other crew members. Strict health, safety and hygiene guidelines will be adhered.


Safe distancing is assured: I can use high quality, long lenses, directional microphones (removing the need for lapel mics) and battery-powered lighting. 


What about Remote Directing? 


As an experienced self-shooting producer, I am able to direct and shoot the entire sequence independently. However, If you wish to oversee the shoot live, I can arrange remote monitoring. This enables you to view the shoot in real-time - via video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype or teams -  to provide input and direction if required. 


Post-Production Service Availability? 


Once the video shoot is complete, I can edit the footage into a final piece, incorporating graphics, sound and animation. Alternatively, I can upload the footage for third party editing. 

What will the quality be like? 


Using broadcast-quality cameras and a full kit, the content will be of high standard, suitable for multi-use. I can shoot in 4k if required, enabling for cropping in the edit suite. 


Further Questions


This is an ever-changing landscape, with developments happening daily. As such I welcome suggestions and feedback. If you’d like to know more, please contact me. 

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