Filming in the New Normal 

At the time of writing, New Zealand is virtually Covid-free. Our country is in a very privileged position of having almost zero restrictions imposed on filming.


Since the end of June 2020, filming in New Zealand has returned to almost normal conditions (bar a 3 week lockdown in August).


Film locations are open and crews are allowed to shoot in work places and homes without restrictions. It's business as usual.  

However, some of my international clients have understandably requested I abide by their country's filming guidelines. As such, I have been providing a Contactless Filming service as required, details of which are outlined below. 

Contactless Filming and videography during covid19



What is Contactless Filming? 


This is a service whereby I can attend a specified location as required. Using my own cameras, lighting and sound equipment, I can direct and shoot a piece to camera without the need for any other crew members. Strict health, safety and hygiene guidelines will be adhered.


Safe distancing is assured: I can use high quality, long lenses, directional microphones (removing the need for lapel mics) and battery-powered lighting. 


What about Remote Directing? 


As an experienced self-shooting producer, I am able to direct and shoot the entire sequence independently. However, If you wish to oversee the shoot live, I can arrange remote monitoring. This enables you to view the shoot in real-time - via video conferencing apps such as Zoom or Skype -  to provide input and direction if required. 


Post-Production Service Availability? 


Once the video shoot is complete, I can edit the footage into a final piece, incorporating graphics, sound and animation. Alternatively, I can upload the footage for third party editing. 

What will the quality be like? 


Using broadcast-quality cameras and a full kit, the content will be of high standard, suitable for multi-use. I can shoot in 4k if required, enabling for cropping in the edit suite. 


Further Questions


This is an ever-changing landscape, with developments happening daily. As such I welcome suggestions and feedback. If you’d like to know more, please contact me.