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Shooting remotely with FS7 for many clients.

One thing I am hearing more and more from clients, is that companies are under huge

pressure to decrease their carbon footprint, and business travel is a huge part of this.

Video calling and high-speed fibre has helped facilitate decreasing carbon

emissions through trave,l but also helping streamline television and video production.

I have now, more than ever noticed a trend towards shooting remotely for clients, both

internationally and in NZ. What I mean by this is, a client has a shoot somewhere in

Auckland or New Zealand and rather than they travel to shoot with me. They will rely on me

to go and direct and shoot the piece for them working to their brief, and then either upload

or courier the footage to them.

I have just recently shot 16 episodes of a popular BBC show this way and I am about to start

another series.. Also, I have shot popular lifestyle shows for the USA, behind the

scenes footage for movies as well as corporate communications shoots for some of the

world largest companies.

My Sony FS7 kit has been a huge advantage for this as it has been one of the industry

standard cameras of choice for a few years now. The ability to shoot S-log and also load in

scene files from an overseas DoP or DIT means matching footage is getting easier than ever.

I always feel if you have access to an FS7 you are an immediate solution to a client. The FX9

is coming in hot on his heels and I will look into that investment shortly, but for now the FS7

is standing up extremely well.

Video software allows you to prepare edit notes that can be ingested with the footage and

also the ability to edit prepare the footage, trimming and cutting unnecessary pre roll or

false takes before uploading, saving time in the edit. The international time difference can

also be an advantage as footage can be uploaded at the end of the shoot and be ready for

use in the UK or USA by the next morning.

So if you have a video project and are worried about the time expense and environmental

impact of travelling to NZ, let me take care of all that and work with you remotely to

produce the quality results you need.

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